Services Spectrum

We provide solutions for various needs.

MVP Development

We develop complete end to end MVPs from scratch in fast paced timelines, and in a very cost effective manner.

Relay Product Development

We take over existing code bases and finish the remaining features.

Complete Product Development

We develop complete product, with all the features, which works just as you expect.

Proof of Concept Development

We take an idea, and build the proof of concept, to show that the idea works. It's often the first step for any product idea coming out of R&D.

Allied Technical Services
(DevOps, Code Audit, Security)

If you have a code base ready, and you want to setup deployment pipeline, ci/cd, check for security vulnerability, code quality, performance assessment, we take up these tasks.

White Paper Development for Project Vision

Whitepaper is often the first business document for outlining project vision. Sometimes founder have the right idea, but it needs work to turn that in a white paper. We are there for you for this.

Technical Input & Support for Grant Applications

Grant applications require technical roadmap, access to a proven technical team, and technical insights into the ecosystem and the project. We are here to support in all such needs.

System Architecture and Design Services

If you have dev team, but you want experienced devs to set out right software architecture, design, toolchain etc for the project, our experienced team can provide these services.

Art and Creative Services
(UX, UI, Landing Page, Logo, Animation,
3D modelling)

Business needs are more than writing code, it needs right look and feel. For these kind of artistic services, we have a team set up for your service.