Ongoing Projects

LoRaWAN hotspot gateway for helium blockchain
Data compute platform based on ocean protocol
EU compliant NFT marketplace on ETH & Polygon
Identity NFT, Credit scoring and Lending protocol on polkadot
XRPL based messaging app with token gated access to features
BSV wallet creation library with support for p2p transactions, built as an NPM package library
Smart contract for micro-payments for the purpose of rewarding people interacting with twitter campaign of advertiser
Marketplace for charities converted into NFT
Saving protocols built on the top of Anchor earn SDK
Dune analytics application built for crypto game
Marketplace for real estate converted into fractionalized NFT
Open source revenue model application for running mining on user's system in exchange for using the targeted application for free
Hyperlocal ecommerce message based application platform
cricket fantasy league play2earn game
Local hyperstore for groceries, organic farm products and homemade foods
Small restaurant ERP platform
Child custody management app for divorced parents
AR application for virtual trialing for eyewears