Web Applications

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a type of application software that can run in a web browser. Web apps aren't the same as mobile apps but they look and behave the same when accessed in a browser on a mobile device.  They can be built for all platforms as long as they can run in a web browser as they are not platform specific.

Since web apps are not supposed  to be written in a specific coding language. Instead, common coding languages can be used over multiple platforms — like a combination of server-side script, like PHP, and client-side script, like HTML and JavaScript. This makes them not only easy to build but also to maintain.

Taking into consideration the future and scope of their design and development, it grows considerably. The presence of a website is essential for the owners of small as well as large enterprises. Web apps help businesses to communicate with their customers. They can stand alone and also become a part of a larger website. For instance, a contact form, where a user enters information to sign up for a business’ mailing list. There are many great examples of successful web apps available Google Docs , Netflix , Gmail , Microsoft Office and so on.